Monday, August 30, 2010

#820 - St. Teresa's Church

Visit Date: July 17, 2010

St. Teresa's Church
Sometimes we are out doing other activities and have a spontaneous landmark moment. After a great day of canoeing on the Russian River near Healdsburg with friends, we decided to head back toward San Francisco via Highway 1 on the coast. We saw a landmark sign on the highway pointing inland and a made a sudden turn, taking our friends in the following car by surprise. With this act, our project was outed to our friends and surprisingly they didn't think that we were completely crazy.

The sign that caused our route deviation was for St. Teresa's Church, which is located just off of Highway 1 in the small town of Bodega. The church itself is very cute and constructed of redwood by early settlers. It has been in continuous use for almost 150 years. Unfortunately, we only had an iPhone with us to take pictures and the sun was setting, so the photo is a bit dim. Perhaps we will return during the day with an opportunity for better photographs and a look at the inside.

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